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Migrating to Azure – Lessons Learned

Migrating your servers from your LAN to Azure, on a small scale is fairly simple. You have wizards available in SQL Server and Visual Studio to make it easy, but you probably have already answered the basic question: do you really want to migrate your databases directly from LAN to Azure/
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When is it Time to Upgrade Your Databases?

There are inevitable realizations a company faces when it successfully grows into a medium sized business:  One of those are that the tools use to manage your company may no longer be adequate. Spreadsheets are a small business' best friend, but after some time they can grow to be virtually unmanageable. You begin to store…
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Making Sound Decisions on Information Technology

When you have a company that generates its revenue from selling memberships, services, or products, your core business plan is to budget as much as possible into Sales and Marketing. Information Technology, on the other hand, may seem more like a necessary evil, or an incommodious expenditure most companies would rather do without. The truth…
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Romero Automation Complexity Scale

This is the "Romero Automation Complexity Scale" chart which is just a two dimensional chart showing the evolution of the automation complexity from practically none to the most complex, level seven.

I could have also created a four dimensional chart showing the level of complexity on the back-end side, versus the front end, but this is the basic levels we estimate from before we begin an assignment.

This was developed over my 22 years of database application development with various clients.


Romero Automation Scale of Complexity